Feds, Family farms, and Times of Trouble

The Blaze has a story about how the Federal Government wants to regulate family farms, partly due to the Agenda 21 plan by the United Nations, which regulates resources and wants people to move back into the cities. In Times of Trouble,  I don’t mention Agenda 21 directly, but I do have the EPA and the UN forcing people off of their land, telling them that the land will go back to being native grasslands, and sometimes they claim there’s some endangered animal that needs protecting, even though some of the people in the novel have had their land in their family for over a hundred years. This is meant to bring down the U.S. by stripping the country of its resources and trying to stuff everyone into the major cities. While I don’t have the government regulating who works on the farms, the family farms are harassed by the government, while the corporate farms end up being given the former lands owned by these families in some cases.  The brother of the main character sells farm equipment. He constantly complains about the EPA inspecting every piece of equipment to “protect” the environment, and he seems to think that the government wants everyone to go back to using plows and mules to ply the land.

It’s amazing to me that sometimes fiction seems to align with real life, even when one is not even trying to follow real life examples of government over-reach. I try to go for  in my novels what I think would be way beyond what the government really would do, only to find out that they might just be doing that. Personally, I think we haven’t been much of a Federal Republic since sometime before the War Between the States, because since then, the United States government seems to be trying to reach all of their tentacles into our lives, and that’s really too bad. Maybe the Doomsday Preppers have the right idea….


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