Eugenics and how it relates to Times of Trouble

I was sent a link to an article from by mom, who claimed I was being prophetic when I wrote in Times of Trouble about the new Health Care system in the novel wanting to purge our society of “genetic freaks” such as children with Down’s Syndrome, etc. In the novels’ world, the Health Care Administration requires all women to have an amniocentesis and fill out paperwork when doing all sonograms to ensure there’s a baby that will contribute to society at large, and if it doesn’t the baby would be aborted. In the novel, the Atwoods ignore this because of religious belief (and not really knowing any of this is happening, since a lid is kept on any news about it), and their doctor helps. Unfortunately, their baby ends up being taken away to be “processed” later and the Doctor is punished for his lack of following regulations. At the time I was writing it, I figured this was one of those things that Eugenicists were always harping about, but were never really taken seriously. This article covers Seniors, Babies, and those with Down’s Syndrome.

What the articles says, in regards to Down’s Syndrome:

Down Syndrome EliminatedSo much attention has been focused on the birth control entitlement, many of us missed the latest in Obama eugenics:  A Down Syndrome free USA.  This administration is sending you the bill for the $1000 + prenatal test to find where all the babies with Down Syndrome are hiding and target them for elimination from the gene pool.  As an adoptive parent of a beautiful child with Down syndrome, I take special offense at this Mengelean expenditure.

Mark Leach, an attorney and fellow parent of a child with Down syndrome put pen to paper on this one:

Fiscally, public funding of prenatal testing for DS just does not make sense. There are an estimated 2.4+ million pregnancies each year eligible for Medicaid-funded prenatal care. Down syndrome has a birth rate of 1 in 691 pregnancies, with an estimated incident rate, i.e. the number of pregnancies carrying a child with DS, being equal to that. This means that of those 2.4 million pregnancies, only about seven thousand actually are pregnant with a child with DS. Yet, current medical recommendations are to offer both screening and diagnostic prenatal testing to all pregnant mothers. Therefore, the millions of pregnancies not carrying a child with DS may nonetheless accept the testing and thereby incur the cost to the Medicaid system. Current diagnostic testing costs over $1,000. That results in a possible exposure of $2.4 billion to the Medicaid system. All for just 7,000 pregnancies actually carrying a child with DS.

Let me spell this out. Over 90% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted already. Columnist George Will has labeled the aggressive screening a “search and destroy mission”. The Obama administration has targeted the Down syndrome babies of the poor for elimination, obligating taxpayers to a $2.4 billion liability. Presumably the entitlement means now we will pay for their abortions as well. How long before the Obama administration mandates insurance pay for screening for the entire population and their abortions?”

To read more visit:

Truly a frightening world if all of this were to come to pass. Maybe we’re being paranoid, maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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