Next novel in the Times of Trouble universe

I’m currently working on my next novel, which will be in the same time period as Times of Trouble, but not a direct sequel. I’m not sure if this would be considered a series though. Of course, the characters will be in the United States and have Collins as the President of the U.S., but they will not know the Atwoods, the characters from Times of Trouble. I don’t have a title yet. Sometimes it comes to me before I write it, sometimes in the middle of writing, but very rarely does it come to me at the end. While this won’t be finished nearly as quickly as Times of Trouble, it will be done sometime (I hope) before May or June, since I made a resolution to have at least two novels written and published this year.

The main characters are the Tylers. The father is a pastor of a once thriving Independent Baptist church in Tucson, but due to varied reasons, he now has 30 people left in the congregation, mostly people over 65, but that soon goes down to 24 near the beginning of the novel, when the song leader and his family leave for a community of Christians in the Wyoming mountains who decide they’d rather wait for the Rapture (or Doomsday, since that was what the town originally prepared for) than to participate in society at large. The mother takes care of the home-bound members of the congregation and also write Christians novels on the side. Their two teens are kicked out of school, mostly because the school’s principal and the school district say that they’re disruptive influences as Christians.

In Times of Trouble, it was from one characters’ point of view, but this one will expand on what President Collins was doing behind the scenes and what he orders that will eventually affect the Tylers. The Tylers will realize that the song leader and his family were right to leave when the Tylers end up in FEMA Camps with other Christians and even some Jews that the government consider threats. The mountain community of Wyoming will be attacked and we see what happens to cause the military to want to have Collins removed from office.

A sub plot is the Tyler son having dreams of a girl he had never met, but started having those dreams when he turned sixteen. He works on taking control of his dreams by trying to make them lucid dreams and he finds out that she’s real when he meets her at the FEMA Camp. They struggle to survive as the novel grows closer and closer to Christs’ return.

Stay tuned for possible updates or whenever the novel is ready for sale.

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