Sales Experiment for October

For October, I decided to make two of my novels go free on Amazon(only in the US) just to see what would happen, by making them free on Smashwords, which made them free on Sony, Apple, Kobo, etc. I also had them distributed to B&N, but I don’t have any sale/download figures for anything yet except for Amazon, Smashwords itself, and my novels that I’ve published through Pubit on B&N.

Amazon US
Out of Time – 25 actual sales, 1780 free downloads
Don’t Mess With Earth – 8
Shattered Earth – 71 actual sales, 6,217 free downloads
The Usurper – 41
Voyager and the Aliens – 2

Amazon UK
Out of Time – 19
Don’t Mess With Earth – 4
Shattered Earth – 2

B&N Nook (through Pubit)
Out of Time – 2
Don’t Mess With Earth – 4
The Usurper – 2

Smashwords (as free e-books just on that site)
Shattered Earth – 104
Out of Time – 15
Voyager and the Aliens – 141

3 paperback copies sold: The Usurper, Shattered Earth, and Out of Time. My novels are also sold through Apple, Sony, & Kobo.

8139 novels downloaded for free (giving me a little over 10k books bought or downloaded this year, and 11,100 total all time). That’s astounding to me, and I really would’ve preferred those to have been at regular prices (almost a year’s salary! lol), but I just thought I’d try to see what would happen. While sales continued for Shattered Earth, I don’t think it helped the sales of any of my other novels, and I don’t think I’m going to do free again, unless its giveaways or coupons on Smashwords.

4 thoughts on “Sales Experiment for October

    1. Hey Thea
      Thanks for visiting and thanks for tweeting my Marketing Ideas. I was put up to it, so I figured why not share what I know.


    1. Thanks for the comments Michael.

      It has led to actual purchases on Amazon. It’s only 11 days into November and for Out of Time and Shattered Earth, I’m nearing 200 sold already. I decided to make The Usurper free to see what happens, but it hasn’t shown up as free yet on Amazon.


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