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I am featured on the Excuse Me Miss website, and it has a scene from the novel, The Usurper. I have a bunch of scenes I could’ve used, but I went with this one:

Scene: The one aircraft that everyone was searching for was still in the air, and flying over Pennsylvania. Some of the passengers called their relatives from the jetliner, while the hijackers were still trying to turn Flight 93 around, so that the hijackers could fly into either the Capital, or the White House, the passengers on board were doing their best to take back the airplane with the help of the remaining flight crew. One of the men managed to get through to his wife in New Jersey, and said to her, “Hey, Diane, this is Jeff. Our plane has been hijacked; do you know what’s going on?”

“Thank God you’re all right. We had two terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and one on the Pentagon. There are reports that your plane is missing. What’s happening up there?”
“Some Arabic men killed the pilot and co-pilot, and then took over flying the plane. Those of us on board have decided to rush them, and try to wrestle control of the aircraft back from them. Can you call the City, or the State, to tell them what we’re doing and they can inform the Feds. Hopefully, the Air Force won’t shoot us down if they’re looking for us.”

“Ok, I can do that. I’ll pray for you. I love you. Good luck, Jeff.”

“Love you too.”

Jeff hung up his cell phone, and saw that the other men on board the plane were ready to take on the terrorists. They snuck up on the three that were guarding some of the passengers, smashed them on the head hard enough for the terrorists to pass out, and the three flight attendants helped to tie up, and gag the terrorists. Jeff and the others stormed the cabin. They began beating on the terrorists, pulling them out of their seats, while one of the Americans sat down in the pilot’s seat, and started flying the jet. Once they got the terrorists tied up, and gagged, Jeff sat in the co-pilot’s seat, and said to the new pilot while shaking his hand, “I’m glad that’s over with. My name is Jeff Harper by the way.”

“Nice to meet you too, Jeff. I’m Frank Childress, retired Air Force fighter jock. I have never actually flown a commercial airliner before, but, I’m certainly going to try. I turned the transponder back on, and Jeff, do you think you can work the radio?”

Jeff put on the earphones, and heard one of the control towers at one of the airports trying to contact them. He keyed the mike, and said, “This is United Flight 93. We have a situation here, over,”

“Flight 93? It’s good to hear your voice. This is Pittsburgh International Airport; I believe you’re just east of us. Is this the Captain?”

“No, this is Jeff Harper, I’m a passenger, and Frank Childress is currently flying the plane, but, he isn’t the pilot. We had some terrorists try to hijack this aircraft, but, we overpowered them, and now we’re in control. We’d like some instructions.”

“We were afraid that you guys had crashed. Have you heard about the terrorist attacks in New York and in Washington?”

“Yes, we have. Most of us called our loved ones before we took control of the airplane, and they told us. Are there any other hijacked airplanes out there we should know about?” asked Jeff.

“That’s a negative, Flight 93, all commercial aircraft in US airspace has been grounded. There are Air Force jets that are looking for you, and we’ll inform them that you’ve been found. We can guide you in for a landing here, there isn’t any airborne traffic now, so you’ll be able to land immediately. In ten minutes, you should be safely on the ground. We’ll have the FBI, Police, and whatever else we need, get here as fast as they can. Let me talk to Mr. Childress, so we can guide him in.”

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