My next novel(s)

I’m in the process of writing my fourth novel, this will be science fiction, starts in 1976, and diverges from the original timeline with the election of someone else as President of the United States, who declares the US will establish a moon base and Mars base before 1990.

I had this idea back when I was in high school, which was 20 years ago, and I wrote a whole novel, but it was total crap. I go back and read it now, and I can’t make heads or tails of it. So, I decided that now was the time to re-visit the concept. Of course, it WILL be written to make sense! lol

When I wrote the original version, the Soviet Union was still in existence, for the most part, so I had them competing with the United States when it came to leaving the solar system for the first time, but this was centuries from now. They had a couple wars over it, and nobody would have been considered the winner. The two countries continue their battle in space with their starships, both crash land on a planet, and find a lost colony of humans. Of course, the humans from Earth try to involve the colonists in their little spate, but are not successful. That was about as far as I would get before stopping and tossing the notebook into the nearest storage box.

In my new and improved version, history diverges around 1972. Nixon doesn’t have Watergate, the US actually beats the communists in Vietnam and wins, and the moon missions are not stopped. Up comes the 1976 Presidential Elections, and Ronald Reagan faces Jimmy Carter. Reagan makes a bold statement declaring that the US will have a Moon Base by 1979 and a Mars Base by 1989. Reagan wins the election, mostly because the voters see Carter as too depressing. The new President begins the push for the new space shuttle program to being delivering supplies to the moon.

The Soviet Union, under the leadership of Leonid Brezhnev, sees this bold new direction the US is taking and decides he wants to have the USSR do something even bolder. He visits Star City, and his scientists and engineers declare that they can build an interstellar, nuclear powered starship that will leave the solar system before the US can finish the Moon Base. The race is on.

Stay tuned for more updates for this novel.

The other novel will be a sequel to Don’t Mess With Earth. I’ve been pondering the direction of this novel for the past year, and I’m still not sure where to go with it. Having had some really good constructive feedback from some of my readers, I could just go back and re-write Don’t Mess With Earth, and just add what I’m considering for the sequel. However, I would prefer to write a sequel, since I already have the major characters figured out, most of whom were introduced at the end of the novel, assuming everyone who read it got that far, they’ll know which characters I’m talking about. As with the other story idea, stay tuned for news.


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