More details on my new services

I just wanted to go into more detail about my new venture, Digital Writing Services.

Having done some research of my own, mostly as an Independent, self-published author myself, I’ve seen what I think are some massively over-priced services for proofreading and editing. I decided on $1 a page because it makes sense to me, anything over $3 just seems like price gouging to me. Then, you get all these convoluted prices when it comes to word count plus page count, with me, it’s straightforward, especially since I suck at math. I also enjoy proofreading and editing, which might be weird, but that’s just how I am. You will know that I’m passionate about what I’m doing and will do my best to offer you the best service possible.

Secondly, for $10 a year per novel, an author can get their novels posted on my website, the link called Author Showcase. You will have a main page, with links to your website, social networks, and bio. It will then link to another page with your novels posted there. You just provide blurbs/summaries, any reviews you may have, and where the novel can be bought online or offline. If you choose to not continue with this after a year, you can unsubscribe through Paypal, since all purchases will be through Paypal. I wanted to have readers looking for undiscovered authors or semi-discovered authors and they can find something new and exciting to read. I am also offering PDF conversion for $10 per book if you need the service, so that you can upload to Kindle, Smashwords, or wherever you want your book as an e-book.

Third, if you know anyone who is a college student that needs essays and research papers proofread and edited, I offer that for $5 per paper. My requirements will be that those essays should already be formatted to MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian style.

The site also has forums that anyone who signs up to be a member, which is free, can go to talk about books, publishing, or anything within reason. The blog has a feature to where anyone who is a member can post their own blog posts. Post about your latest review, talk about what inspires you, etc. Check out the links page where I have compiled a big list of useful websites. Feel free to suggest any I may have missed. I will also offer book reviews at a future date, with the price set at $50. This includes posting the review on blogs, social networking sites, press releases, every online bookstore where your book is sold, and bookmarked on Digg, Stumbleupon, etc

I wanted a website that was interactive, but due to my lack of programming skills, patience, and open content stuff is just above my head, this is about as interactive as it gets for now. Once I think this venture is successful, I’ll get someone to build something on WordPress or Joomla, and hopefully realize exactly what I want. Remember that Digital Writing Services opens for business on May 17th. Hope to see you there!


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