Digital Writing Services

I am going into business for myself to edit and proofread books and novels for new and Independent authors, for a reasonable fee. I created a website called Digital Writing Services to advertise my services. The website is not entirely functional yet in regards to Paypal, so any purchase you may want to do now will not work. I enjoy proofreading and editing, and I thought that I should finally do something I’m passionate about, instead of trying to find another office job that I’ll probably end up hating anyway, so here is my attempt at doing something I’m passionate about. I will eventually offer affordable book reviews when this is fully up and running smoothly, so please look for that in the future.

Now, I won’t begin doing business until May 17, because I’m graduating with a BA in English on the 15th from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls and I wish to concentrate fully on finals for the next week and a half. I’m also offering an author showcase for authors to showcase their works, along with various links to the stores their products can be bought from, and where they, as authors, are located as far as myspace or facebook is concerned. This is for a low yearly price. I’m also offering proofreading/editing services for college essay and research papers for a low price. Another feature is converting an authors’ word document into PDF for a small fee. Please check out the website if you’re interested in finding out more. The website is about 95% finished, but, all the important areas are all there, and you should have no problems navigating the website.


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