Poland’s leadership and Russia

As a writer, when something happens in the world, I tend to see possibilities of what might actually be happening behind the scenes. Well, the top brass of Poland was on an airplane, a Tupelov, approaching a Russian airstrip in the fog when it crashed and their were no survivors. Here is a list of leadership and what their equivalent is in US leadership:

The President and his wife
The Chief of Staff
A former President
The Secretary of State
The Secretary of the Interior
The Secretary of the Homeland Security
13 congressmen, including the Majority Leader
3 senators, one of whom is the president pro tempore
Army and Navy chiefs of staff
Chairman of the Federal Reserve
President of the US Olympic Committee
and a number of associated staff.

Since Russia is helping de-stabilize Kyrgyzstan, it makes one wonder if Vladimir Putin had Polands’ leadership taken out, with the convenient excuse of fog making landing difficult. Now, I won’t comment on our own leadership, but, lets just say that in my previous post about my next novel, KGB infiltrating American leadership doesn’t seem that far fetched, even if the USSR no longer exists in its former form. Of course, that is just the writer in me, so I’m just exploring possibilities.

The link to CNN story


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