Updates on what I’m writing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, mostly because I’m concentrating on finishing up college, which will be this May if everything goes as planned. I have two stories in the works, one a sequel to Don’t Mess With Earth and the other one is a political thriller, not science fiction at all.

I take a comment made by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev back in the 1960’s about how the Soviet Union would, in so many words “Bury us.” What he meant by that was that he thought the American working class would overthrow the powers that be and install communism. Well, my take on this has him getting the KGB to recruit an American girl who is a dedicated communist and having her give birth to a son, who will be trained in all things Marxist and Lenin. Included in this is how the Soviets also have someone who the boy will marry at the appropriate time also being raised as a KGB infiltrator. The goal here is complete and total infiltration of American society from the White House on down. The boy will be tutored by American KGB agents who want to bring down the USA and they have very high positions in government and academia.

This story takes place from the 1960’s all the way to present day. When the Soviet Union collapses in the early 1990’s, the now grown man is given the choice of abandoning the plan of destroying the USA from within. He decides to go for it. He goes from State Senate, to US Senate, to the White House in less than 15 years, never giving his political position and always voting present. He has a big financial backer who in this story has taken down countries and its leaders through manipulating the financial markets, and the backer does the same thing to the USA shortly before the Presidential elections, thus turning the tide for the KGB infiltrator to become the next President of the United States. He becomes the POTUS, disbands the military and creates a Civilian Defense Force, abandons all overseas military posts and bases, enacts a Fairness Doctrine to silence mostly his critics, and begins throwing all dissenters in jail. There is one man who doesn’t keep silent, much to the Presidents’ chagrin, because he is difficult to find and silence.

The next half of the book is about a soldier who comes home from Iraq and joins this new Civilian Defense Forces, only because he has to. The very first thing they do, is try to bring the former POTUS and his family in for treason charges. The former POTUS has some back-up from loyal US military and doesn’t go down without a fight. The man in charge of the CDF unit ends up killing the ex-POTUS and his family when they’re captured. Then the soldier has to help attack Texas when the State secedes from the Union. The President orders a nuclear strike from Barksdale AFB on Dallas, but the remaining US Air Force airmen on the base decide to detonate one of the nukes, leaving Barksdale, Bossier City, and Shreveport a smoking, radioactive ruin, pretty much ruining the Presidents’ plan. So, the President orders all of the sleeper cells ran by the KGB to activate and they help.

Later on, the solider realizes he’s on the wrong side when American churches are raided, some of the congregations are killed, including his parents. He makes it his mission to stop the President. I will stop there, because I also plan on having a somewhat surprise ending.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Updates on what I’m writing

  1. Wow! I was riveted while reading the summary of your novel! I almost stopped reading because I thought it was going to outline the whole plot and I hate having the ending ruined, but you stopped it for me. I am really looking forward to reading it, kudos to you. I like the idea of a political thriller, I kept thinking of characters like Jack Ryan and I love a great, strong character to root for! Good luck!


    • I’m glad it kept you hooked and I hope I can deliver. The ending should be surprising since it’ll probably come out of left field if I do it right. With finishing up my final semester in college, I don’t really have time to write anything, but, I am taking notes(now if I can only find where I put them! lol)


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