Roanoke: Behind the Dissappearance

In history, Sir Frances Drake left the colonists at Roanoke Island to go back to England intending to return to Roanoke. Something happened to the colonists, and they left a note saying “Croatoa” which was supposed to be a nearby island. Unfortunately, Drake couldn’t get to Croatoa due to a major storm, so he gave up. History has wondered ever since what ever happened to those colonists?

In my novel, the back story for the colonists leaving have to do with aliens who discover Earth while they are at war with the Terrans. The Rangor, as they’re called, follow a Terran ship to Earth, and discover the blue marble of a planet. They discover the colonists, and decide to abduct and experiment on them. Some of the colonists don’t remember, while others think the island is haunted and they’re being plagued by demons. So, they decide to leave and make their way to Croatoa. Eventually, the inhabitants land on the mainland and discover the Appalachians, procreate with the local Natives, and later in American history, people discover blue eyed and blonde Natives living deep in the Appalachians. In the 21st century, DNA tests confirm they’re ancestors of the Roanoke Colonists.

Currently, their are supposed to be some people who live in the backwoods of Appalachia, the ones who distrust strangers and do look like Native American/English mix, who are suspected of being the Lost Colony. I don’t know if this is true or not and if anyone has conducted DNA testing, but having heard of this through some of my ancestory, I thought it would be a cool story to link to alien abductions and all that.

Don’t Mess With Earth is the novel, check out my website to find the locations on where you can buy the novel

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