Plotlines in “Don’t Mess With Earth”

I just thought I’d write a little about what is in my new novel.

I have King Arthur and Merlin as the advanced humans, Terrans, who come to Earth to have a little fun on the British Isles around the time that the Vikings, Danes, and Normans try to invade. Merlin uses their advanced technology to create Excalibur and uses computer technology to make sure the sword only comes out of the stone for Arthur.  The people then make Arthur their King, the Round Table is created with the Knights coming along with it. They go on all sorts of grand adventures, take out invading barbarians, until the Terran authorities come to arrest Arthur and Merlin. Arthur claims he is going to go search for the Holy Grail, and they disappear from Earth.

Galileo is also a Terran, but he is an actual astronomer. He tries to convince the powers that be at the time that the Earth revolves around the sun, not the other way around. I have him interact with Michelangelo, who steals the glider plans from Leonardo Da Vinci, and they try to fly, only for the Pope and his men burn up the glider. Galileo is arrested, beaten, and sentenced to death. The Terrans send in a covert team and extract him, but destroying half of Rome in the process. Galileo returns to Terra not ever wanting to return to Earth.

Genghis Khan and Saladin are also Terrans, who met up in Baghdad to wage war. They delighfully watch as the Mongols and Muslims destroy each other, then the Mongols lay waste to Baghdad afterwards. A few years later, Khan goes to Rome as Marco Polo to try to get Europe to conduct trade with China, but he isn’t able to convince anyone to do so. He returns to Terra angry.

Stay tuned for more. Find out why Roanoke Colony disappeared, why the Salem Witch Trials began, and why Amelia Earhart disappeared.

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