Experience with self-publishing so far

I just thought I would take the time to post my experience with self-publishing so far. Since I published through Iuniverse.com, they post sales 2 months after the fact, so I just recently found out I only sold 7 of my novellas in February, making all of $2.34 in royalties. I guess I shouldn’t go wild and spend it all! ha ha. I have to wait until the end of May to know how many novellas I’ve sold off of Barnes and Noble.com or Amazon.com, or any other online store that is selling it. I’m learning the art of patience when it comes to waiting to find out my book sales.

I know I’ve sold my novellas on BN.com and Amazon because I used to watch, almost daily, the sales ranking on Amazon. The highest I got to was around 180,000 out of who knows how many million, but its dropped since I’m not advertising Amazon anymore, since I get more royalties off of Barnes and Noble, at least according to Iuniverse.

I have my novella at the library I work at and quite a number of people have put it on hold and have read it. None of them know me, other than the fact that I work there, so they were unbiased. So far, three of them have told me it was a really good story and told me things they liked about it. Two of my co-workers read it and thought it needed a little more work, which I will do eventually, but overall, they liked it too. I recently found out that a 12 year old cousin of mine in California really enjoyed it and thought it needed to be made into a movie. I wouldn’t go that far, but I’m glad it’s enjoyable for all ages.

As far as marketing goes, I’ve done it all online, which is far easier, but still requires a lot of money. Since I self-published, I had to get the coypright for my work copyrighted myself, because I would really like to get it into libraries with a Library of Congress number, but,  being the federal government, it’s taking them a really long time to approve it. So far, doing it myself, I’ve managed to get Wichita Falls Public Library and Midwestern States’ Moffett Library to carry my work, so I’m hoping with a LOC number, more libraries will buy my book through Ingram(the supplier to most libraries).

I’ve actually enjoyed this whole process so far, but, next time, I might try the whole sending in queries to big publishers or sci-fi magazines like Asmiov’s or Analog, but I don’t know if I’ll do that.

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