Opening scene of next novel

I’m going to post the opening scene to my next novel, and I’m not sure if its weak or what. So, if a reader of this has an opinion on how it needs fixed or if it works, then please post! Anyway, the jist of my novel is about advanced humans leaving Earth around the time of Noah’s Flood and coming back a thousand years later, leaving, then coming back a few thousand years more, because they need help fighting aliens. Some of the “Terrans” take the place of actual humans in history and have adventures of their own, sort of inline with what actually happened. Anyway, the aliens, called the Ragnor, cause chaos at Roanoke, Salem, and Roswell, and abduct humans and experiment on them. The US government spends the next 60 years figuring out the alien technology after the crash at Roswell, then decide to pay back both sides. This is the President introducing the story to the world….

The President was not looking forward to this press conference, especially in the White House Press Room in front of all those scowling reporters. He had wanted to do it in the safety of the Oval Office, sitting behind his desk, with no one around but the TV people and the Secret Service. In the end, he felt it was necessary and the right thing to give this press conference in person, because he was the one who ordered the strike on the planet. What he was about to tell the people of not only the United States, but also the rest of the world, filled him with anxiety, mostly because it could anger enough people to get him impeached. The United States government had kept this secret now for more than sixty years, and now was time to tell the world. The President walked into the Press Room as his press secretary was introducing him, feeling as if the whole world was on his shoulders. He stationed himself behind the podium, took a deep breath, and began, “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the Press and those of you at home watching on TV or the Internet. I am here to inform you of an action we, the United States, have taken no other government on eArth would have known about until shortly before this press conference. I suggest all of you sit back, relax, and listen to the whole story, because this may take a while. It all started a few thousand years ago….”

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